Awards & Recognitions

Saeed Salmeen graduated from the New York Film Academy in Abu Dhabi. He has directed a number of acclaimed short films, including Bint Mariam (2008), which won both Arabic and international film awards. He was named Best Young Film Director by Digital Studio magazine in 2007 and Best Emirati Filmmaker at Dubai International Film Festival in 2008.

Also completed a feature film entitled Sun Dress production in 2010 and participated in the most important film festivals such as the Arab Film Festival, Abu Dhabi and Damascus Film Festival and Film Festival in Oran, Algeria, and soon will take part in Gulf Film Festival and International Festival of Muslim peoples – Russia.

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Major Awards & Recognitions

Bint Mariam - Winner of many awards
  • Best film, International Festival of Muslim peoples, Russia
  • Best Film Festival, Messina, Italy
  • Silver Hawk Prize, Arab Film Festival Rotterdam, Holland
  • The first Grand Prix , Short Film Festival , Casablanca
  • Best Emirati Filmmaker, Dubai Film Festival, Emirates
  • Award for Festival Palestine International Film Festival, Palestine
  • The special Jury Prize, Gulf Film Festival, Emirates
  • Award for Special Jury, International Film Festival, Muscat
  • Gold Award, International Film Festival Herban - Iraq
  • Bronze Award, Albanuc rural film festival, Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Best Arabic Film, International Film Festival, Jordan
Hoboob movie
  • Special Jury Award for, Emirates Film Competition.
Erj al teenmovie
  • Best screenplay Award.
  • Best film, Emirates Film Competition, Emirates
Cloud of Hope
  • Best film & Best Scenario, Gulf Film Festival, Emirates